Sunday, 3 November 2013

Roman Space Marine Conversion (Counts as Space Wolves Allies)

So I'm not going to talk about the who? (fluff of these Roman SMs?), what/why? (Isn't this a Praetorian blog?) or the where? (I know its been months) much in this post, I'll hopefully fill in some more detail in some later posts.

Having finally got a bit of time and inclination to do some modelling I've started working on some Allies for my guard. I say Allies, it's my current intention that my Guard are the Allies for these guys while I work on them and when they are done I can turn my attention properly on the Praetorians while at least having some decent points to hopefully get a game in.

Anyway there is at least a little bit of the why!

I simply post this guy up to get some opinion, he isn't a test model (although not glued totally yet), he is the real deal and what I intend to mass produce (20 at first for 2 squads) and I was wondering on your guys thoughts?

He and his brethren are intended to be proxy Grey Hunters in my army, essentially Legionnaires, but i'll go into detail on fluff, which I have thought about a lot, in another post.

The photos aren't great I'm afraid (crappy iPhone!) but hopefully you get a feel what I'm trying to achieve. All models will have a gladius (sheathed), cloak and leather belt straps and helmet plume. 80% will have shields others for the sake of variety (and expense!) will have lost or dropped theirs. The standard trooper will be wielding a boltgun, bolt pistol or gladius (like our chap here) or a special weapon.

This guy still needs a bit of gap filling and mould line removal. I also have a plan to add a shield boss to make my shields more scutum like.

Anvil Industry Roman Pads
Puppetswar Pretorian Pads
The only thing I was unsure of was the shoulder pads, originally I had tried 3rd party pads, Anvil Industry and Puppetswar both make great options, I particularly like the Puppetswar (right).

But somehow while all the other items add Romaness to Space Marines, these seem to take Space Marineness away. I don't know if thats a stupid comment, but thats how it feels, I haven't 100% decided yet, but without SM style pads they look a bit too converted and I couldn't add decals if I wanted. I would be interested in others thoughts?

And indeed thoughts in general, whether you think these will be ace or too cluttered, outside opinion is always welcome, I know for the majority of followers Guard is their thing so I appreciate it if you took time to have a look, for those that are interested, a little bit of thoughts on the fluff of these guys and how they fit the Space Wolves rules will come in the next week or so.