Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Chimera Russ Conversion WIP Update and Advice Required

Ok so here is the intended look of my Chimera. The track guards aren't stuck down yet, I finished cleaning up and reshaping them earlier (they really were in an appalling condition straight from FW), neither are the side armour pieces or front hatches.

I love the look but would like opinions on the following before gluing down.

1) What do we think of the chimera round hatch on the front? I love it and think it goes really well but as you can see from my previous post I think I'll struggle to get them to do all three tanks and my chimeras. Do people think a flat square hatch of some description would be better?

2) The track guards I loved when I bought but didn't realise they had the gap till they arrived. I don't like it and I am thinking of filling it over with plasticard. What do others think? It just looks a bit weird and pointless IMO.

3) I'm quite tempted to not have the side panels sticking out but instead cut them flat so they stick directly to the sides, it may look less wide but somehow maybe more tank like?

4) I'm going to add some aerials to the turret but other than that was planning on leaving the front and top pretty uncluttered, unless anyone has some suggestions of what to add?

Any other constructive criticism also greatly received.

BTW anyone who enjoys sticking imperial guard tracks on is a sadist! I forgot what a pain in the arse they are! Not to mention the fact they never meet up properly, thank god I'm covering the gap!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Spare Chimera hatches anybody?

Gents, I don't suppose anyone has any of the new style Chimera hatches they would be willing to sell or trade to me? While cheap on most bits sites they also seem to always be sold out. I'm more than willing to pay or perhaps trade something in return, but I really love the look of these hatches and would ideally like them on all my vehicles without the need to buy a Chimera kit each time! Thanks in advance to anyone willing/able to help.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Chimera Russ Conversion WIP

Some kind words from Col Ackland prompted me to post up this to show I'm still working on stuff! I have spent the weekend working on this after planning it months ago and buying all the pieces. I have three planned but only one turret bought so far to try out due to the cost!

I have seen quite a few Leman Russ/Chimera conversions and having seen another excellent one from the aforementioned Col Ackland on his blog recently (go check his recent post out if you haven't already), I got the bug to start mine. I have never seen one that truly looked right in my opinion. There is a lovely example on the Mordian 7th Blog called the Charon Pattern, but again wasn't quite what I was looking for.

Please excuse the poor iphone photos, but here is my WIP take on the Chimera Russ. I'm trying to get a more modern battle tank look. Lower and wider mainly. I have never liked the cartoony look of the regular Russ, but wanted to use Russ parts as well as the Chimera rather than any 3rd party products. The Forgeworld turret was a must! Absolutely love it and think it works great, slightly bigger than a standard turret which is important as I find all the turrets too small.

I have also mastered how to get on with modelling when I've had a busy day. It's not great for painting but now when I get home I crash in front of the PC and put some TV on (Once Upon a Time is the latest, entertaining but not exactly method acting!) like usual, but now sit and clean up models and glue while I watch rather than being relegated to my hobby room. Therefore I expect to get a lot more stuff ready if not painted over the next few weeks.

Thanks for stopping by, as usual comments welcome, will hopefully be finished (not painted though) by the end of the week.