Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Chimera Russ Conversion WIP Update and Advice Required

Ok so here is the intended look of my Chimera. The track guards aren't stuck down yet, I finished cleaning up and reshaping them earlier (they really were in an appalling condition straight from FW), neither are the side armour pieces or front hatches.

I love the look but would like opinions on the following before gluing down.

1) What do we think of the chimera round hatch on the front? I love it and think it goes really well but as you can see from my previous post I think I'll struggle to get them to do all three tanks and my chimeras. Do people think a flat square hatch of some description would be better?

2) The track guards I loved when I bought but didn't realise they had the gap till they arrived. I don't like it and I am thinking of filling it over with plasticard. What do others think? It just looks a bit weird and pointless IMO.

3) I'm quite tempted to not have the side panels sticking out but instead cut them flat so they stick directly to the sides, it may look less wide but somehow maybe more tank like?

4) I'm going to add some aerials to the turret but other than that was planning on leaving the front and top pretty uncluttered, unless anyone has some suggestions of what to add?

Any other constructive criticism also greatly received.

BTW anyone who enjoys sticking imperial guard tracks on is a sadist! I forgot what a pain in the arse they are! Not to mention the fact they never meet up properly, thank god I'm covering the gap!


  1. Why do the tracks never fit?! After 40,000 years you'd think they'd have sorted that.

    That looks cracking mate, it's gonna be a real centrepiece project (unless of course you do three, then it's a centrepiece squadron :p)

    1) I like it, but if you can't replicate it then I'd leave it. That's my problem converting tanks. I go overboard and over-complicated on the first one then can't make them look uniform from then onwards.

    2) Hmmm, up to you of course but I agree it does look a bit silly. Covering with plasticard sounds like a plan.

    3) That's a good plan, it'll look interesting and normally I'd say great idea ... but with this project, the danger with any chimera-russ is that it looks really top-heavy because of the enormous turret and small chassis. For that reason alone I'd say leave them on, you need all the bulk you can get. But it's quite easy to leave them off and have a look, see how it 'feels' before making the decision.

    4) No suggestions there - I'd leave mine clear as well, that's the bit the enemy can see so the less clutter and sticky-out-bits the better. Maybe a new take on the aerial, like a 'whip' antenna or something rather than the out-the-box job.

    Just a few thoughts! Whatever you do I'm sure it's going to look cracking, really looking forward to seeing where you go with it!

  2. Hi. I've done something similar.

    1) My conversion has the turret sitting further forward, so there is no room for the circular hatch but I do like the look of the Chimera hatch in that position. I used the rectangular hatches.

    2) Space is there for the Chimera lasguns of course. I used the plastic trackguards on mine. I'd say go ahead and cover the gap.

    3)I trimmed down the sides on mine, it's a Hellhound counts as, so it looks 'faster' slimmed down.

    4) A heavy stubber ? But then virtually all my armour has pintle mounts.

    Below link should take you to a photobucket pic of my conversion attempts.

  3. Looking good, man! Here's my thoughts:

    1)I like the round hatch, but completely agree that if you're going to make a trio and bits sourcing is an issue, the square hatch will look just fine.

    2)I'll go against the grain and say I personally like the gaps in the track guards, it gives them a bit of visual interest rather than just long flat covered areas. Nothing wrong with covering them either, of course.

    3)I also like the wider side panels, it gives the tank a bit more bulk which I think it needs.

    4)I'd just add aerials and such to the 'command' tank of the squadron, leaving the others relatively unadorned. Can't go wrong with pintle mounted heavy stubbers or storm bolters though. Most tanks come standard with searchlights and smoke launchers, as an option for turret details...

    In any case, I'm really digging it - keep up the great work!

  4. Looks great, mate: nice work!

    I don't think I'd change anything from how it looks except maybe the hole in the track guards. I think this is one of FW's oldest molds, as mine was horrid when I got it too.

    Looking forward to more!