Sunday, 3 November 2013

Roman Space Marine Conversion (Counts as Space Wolves Allies)

So I'm not going to talk about the who? (fluff of these Roman SMs?), what/why? (Isn't this a Praetorian blog?) or the where? (I know its been months) much in this post, I'll hopefully fill in some more detail in some later posts.

Having finally got a bit of time and inclination to do some modelling I've started working on some Allies for my guard. I say Allies, it's my current intention that my Guard are the Allies for these guys while I work on them and when they are done I can turn my attention properly on the Praetorians while at least having some decent points to hopefully get a game in.

Anyway there is at least a little bit of the why!

I simply post this guy up to get some opinion, he isn't a test model (although not glued totally yet), he is the real deal and what I intend to mass produce (20 at first for 2 squads) and I was wondering on your guys thoughts?

He and his brethren are intended to be proxy Grey Hunters in my army, essentially Legionnaires, but i'll go into detail on fluff, which I have thought about a lot, in another post.

The photos aren't great I'm afraid (crappy iPhone!) but hopefully you get a feel what I'm trying to achieve. All models will have a gladius (sheathed), cloak and leather belt straps and helmet plume. 80% will have shields others for the sake of variety (and expense!) will have lost or dropped theirs. The standard trooper will be wielding a boltgun, bolt pistol or gladius (like our chap here) or a special weapon.

This guy still needs a bit of gap filling and mould line removal. I also have a plan to add a shield boss to make my shields more scutum like.

Anvil Industry Roman Pads
Puppetswar Pretorian Pads
The only thing I was unsure of was the shoulder pads, originally I had tried 3rd party pads, Anvil Industry and Puppetswar both make great options, I particularly like the Puppetswar (right).

But somehow while all the other items add Romaness to Space Marines, these seem to take Space Marineness away. I don't know if thats a stupid comment, but thats how it feels, I haven't 100% decided yet, but without SM style pads they look a bit too converted and I couldn't add decals if I wanted. I would be interested in others thoughts?

And indeed thoughts in general, whether you think these will be ace or too cluttered, outside opinion is always welcome, I know for the majority of followers Guard is their thing so I appreciate it if you took time to have a look, for those that are interested, a little bit of thoughts on the fluff of these guys and how they fit the Space Wolves rules will come in the next week or so.


  1. These chaps look great - I know exactly what you're trying to do here and I did something similar with my Iron Hearts Honour Guard. Have to say I'm heavily on the side of the Puppetswar pads, that really has a strong Roman theme to it. There's also the painting too of course so a red and brown scheme will go a long way, even with no conversion. Perhaps that yellow arrow scheme on the shield? How many are you planning to do of these chaps.

    1. Hello Colonel, thanks. I remember your guardsmen, they were really good conversions.

      I'm trying out schemes at the minute but it will be similar to the Astral Claws but dark red instead of blue. So silver metal main body, copper/bronze detailing, red shoulder pads, cape and plume then brown leather coloured belt straps and holsters. The shield will be dark red and yes I was thinking some yellow pattern, possibly transfers.

      The plan at the minute is a small army to use and then become Allies to my Praetorians in the long term. 20 Grey hunters, 6 (although I'm going to need more) Long Fangs, a Lone Wolf, Rune Priest and some Wolf Guard, possibly some Thunderwolves after but I'm going to try to focus and keep initial targets small and achievable. All heavily converted in this manner.

      I'm really torn, they definitely look good but as I say they feel a bit too non Space Marine, I'm going to think on it but thanks for your thoughts.

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  3. I think I see where you are coming from Buffer. One of the defining things about SM (even CSM) is a large should pad to you recreate your favourite chapter's icon in fabulous freehand. Or a transfer. So perhaps that's it. I wouldn't worry.

    Also, if you're play a fairly small game, you could always throw a few into your IG list as lone wolves. That's what I'd do, if I ever played a game...