Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Penal Legion Troopers

So I haven't had much time for modelling in general, and as for Praetorians, not much further forward with my guys apart from acquiring some more! But I did manage to finish my other four Victoria Lamb kit Penal Legion Troopers. Spent a bit more time on these ones than the last guy and think they look better for it, they have also got the bases I settled on. One thing I have decided is I don't like the Red Gore as the main red colour for the Praetorians, its too dark and a bit purple, so I am going to go with the Mechrite Red with Blood highlights and will update the red on these guys. Hope you like, as always comments welcome.


  1. Very impressive and the bases look really good too. I see what you mean about the red, how do you do it? I only ask because I use Red Gore and I might be able to help to make it look more red. But on first look I would say you paint straight over a black undercoat, or you use a foundation paint first then use red gore.

    1. Cheers Dave, I do Black undercoat, Mechrite Red, Black wash for recesses, then a layer of Red Gore. The whole model has then had a Devlan Mud wash. For some reason its turned very purpley. I wasn't entirely sure about it as the jacket colour anyway but now I think I will definitely be going for a Brighter Red. I really like Mechrite with a red wash and I am going to try that out. I have decided to try out white epaulettes as well as I think I prefer them to the gold! Thanks for the idea. Take care in the Stan by the way.