Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Base Colour Scheme - Need Some Advice Please Guys!

Right, so I have been playing around with some bases trying to decide on what the base colour scheme for my army should be. This is what I have come up with, and I would really appreciate some opinions on what to go for. The pictures show the three different colour schemes, the two different grasses I have and the bases with either black or graveyard earth rims.

I almost don't want to run through my full opinions as I would rather you gave me your thoughts without me influencing them, but I'm massively confused! Before putting grass on I had given up on the middle base for being too dark and was leaning towards the left or right one. Now I really like the middle one, still like the left one (but possibly a bit drab??) and I'm no longer sure about the right (too orange??)!

Could really do with some thoughts to help make this decision, they all look like they would be fine next to the Praetorian model I painted so not so worried about that, just want the best looking base of the three. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!


  1. I like the middle. the darker tone of the sand makes the grass pop a bit.

    my two cents

    1. Thanks, I think it does as well. Do you think black or earth rims? I think the black has a nice contrast whereas the earth kind of complements it. Not sure what I prefer with that colour. Your welcome with the wheels btw, hope you are able to free up the modelling funds soon!

  2. I prefer the one on the far right as it is more in keeping with what you are after with the African theme. The grass look's great on all three so that's not a problem and the stone work well too. I would also say I like the black rim as it looks neater and makes your base stand out more.

    That's what I think anyway, but go with what your heart tells you.

  3. First of all they all look great so which ever you choose you can't go wrong. My first pick before I read the other comments was the middle one and the black rim. But now as I have another look Dave has a point about the one of the right.
    For the rims the black will complement models with their black pants and dark guns. but if you cant decide, first thing in the morning have a 2nd look and just go with your gut feeling ;)

  4. Thanks for the comments guys, I have thought about it a lot and I think you are right. I love the middle one but its a bit too muddy for the plains of Africa and I think will look strange with desert coloured vehicles and walkers. I'm definitely going with the black rims, I think they look ace on all three. So I'm almost 90% sure I will go for a base like or very similar to the right one. Thanks for your help.