Friday, 10 February 2012

Praetorian Ratlings???

So I have the afternoon off and while I was waiting for paint to dry on my Penal Troopers I was rummaging around and dug out my ratlings as I was thinking about sticking them on eBay to hopefully get a few quid. But then looking at the uniforms of the old ratlings again, they look very much of a style with Praetorians, and could be easily painted so. I never liked the heads though, the crazy hair and trucker caps, but I think sculpting piths for them is beyond me. It suddenly occurred to me that maybe the piths in the empress spares pack I bought would look okay. So I hacked away at one of their heads (thumb now bandaged as I got too blasé with the craft knife!)  and then when I could get it to fit, stuck the helmet on with blu-tac to take a look. Pretty happy with the result, will need a little bit of green stuff work to tidy up as the empress piths aren't very smooth and gaps will need filled. This saves me buying alternatives I was looking at that would have ended up costing 30 quid plus and they still didn't have piths, just nicer heads. What do we think? (bare in mind I may loose a thumb if doing ten!)


  1. Just bought 7 more off eBay so I have the full ten for 6 quid including delivery, bargain!

  2. thats awesome! if I didn't already have all the ratlings I need I would be stealing this idea!

    oh lets not kid I still might...