Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Green Jacketed Praetorian Army, thoughts please guys?

So thought I had better start a new thread as its a slightly different discussion. After thinking about it, and with a little bit of encouragement from Col Winterborne I am seriously considering a full Green Jacketed army based on this test model. I really love him but I accept that at least the epaulettes need to change, going to test out grey/white I think, any other suggestions?

So what I now need a bit of advise on is, do you think it needs any other changes? I might try out a grey/white trouser as well?

and finally I suppose do you guys think I should do it? I think part of me will be a little bit sad that they are not red jackets, but I think its a great look in its own right.


  1. I like it mate and the trouser's work really well. Plus it would look nice seeing a Praetorian army that is not red, blue, and yellow.

    But to be honest I don't think the white epaulettes would work, but your brown one's do I would say they just need a little highlighting. I would change the epaulettes to a silver colour like you have done with the bayonet. But thats just me. But over all I think this would work because it is nice and simple and looks great.

    Hope this help's mate.

  2. Sorry I mean the epaulette ring's to silver like your bayonet, and not the epaulette them selfs.

  3. I think you need to add another colour. Something that will make the miniature standout. Also it is worth thinking about what other colours might be changed for officers and command squads etc.
    Perhaps the green cuffs on the green jacket could be changed. A black, silver or maybe even a purple.
    Do it! A green Praetorian army!

  4. The first time I read that post I read it as "I really love him -refering to Col. Winterborne- Yeah, we all love Winterborne! oh oh the test model you mean, yes! LOL!

    soooo. I think it could do with one more colour too, but something subtle. Maybe you could paint the imperial eagle on the gun whatever colour you paint the cuffs?

  5. also, just a thought, Colonel Scipio has his palladian Guard (mordians) in green uniforms with white trim, and his heavy weapons have a red trim. -it might give you a few ideas.

  6. I can't help with color theory but I say Go for the Green!

    It looks good and diversity is never a bad thing in my book.