Thursday, 2 February 2012

Praetorian Lascannon Conversion Update

So the new wheels just arrived and I have quickly put them on and taken a photo. I'm not sure I like them as much, the fact that the spokes point out towards the rims, that the wheel is thinner and I definitely preferred the wheel hub on the original wheels. However they are a much lower cost alternative as I can't afford to be buying complete artillery pieces just for the wheels. What are others thoughts? Originals on right to compare.


  1. I'm still sold on the new ones.

    where do I get em?

  2. Both wheels look great. If you don't like the way it pokes out you can always cut that bit off.
    Re epaulettes step1. Basecoat Iyanden Darksun step2. Ogryn flesh wash (water it down, you dont want the top inside of the epaulette to be brown, just that the ink is in the recesses) step3. wash it again, even more water! step4. drybrush Taupset ochre step5. mix white in with TO and drybrush (very lightly) step5. add even more white and drybrush focusing on extremities.
    job done!
    Use the small drybrush and be really light, you can always drybrush more if you need.

  3. Sorry Malk, got excited, forgot to say. They are made by Trent Miniatures and they are "British Spoked Wheels 28mm x 8". I got them off eBay, that listing ended and they have since been relisted but for 40p more! We've been seen off! If you search the wording above you will see them. If not, after a quick google I can see they are available from a few different miniature sellers. Be careful as there is a very similarly described pack but with larger rims which I don't think would work so well. Hope that helps.