Monday, 27 February 2012

Green Jacket ideas continued.....

White Epaulettes
Khaki Trousers

Gents thank you all so much for your comments so far, really helping. Col Ackland thanks for the Mordians, made me have a go at the red cuffs and in general its a good blog. Just reread my post and see what you mean! lol!

Started off by trying white epaulettes over black, didn't think it worked.

Then tried changing the trouser colour to something more contrasting, really like this khaki but I'm not sure whether the orangey brown was adding something that is lost by taking it out?

Also tried black trousers but not that big a fan.

Then tried red cuffs, like them but not 100% convinced, think they look good without being great.

Then tried grey epaulettes, they really didn't work so added some stone which again I quite like.

Finally thought if I quite liked the khaki trousers it was worth trying the epaulettes in it, which I think goes if I keep the khaki trousers.......

Black Trousers
Not 100% sure about anything, the model now looks like the Khaki epaulettes photo and he is growing on me. Kind of miss the brown trousers though....but not sure why as I like the khaki more (that sounds really stupid but not sure how else to put it!). 

Black Trousers
Red Cuffs Back
Red Cuffs Front

Grey with Stone Epauletes
Khaki Epaulettes

In answer to your guys points, I'm not sure black on the cuffs would look right without black elsewhere but I don't like the trousers in black and want to leave everything else bar the epaulettes untouched. I really like the white insignia on the gun and don't really want to change it as again it moves away from what I originally really liked.

I don't want purple cuffs as I can't have the uniform too untraditional and purple is for me. Silver possibly but i can't work out how to make silver cloth not just look shiny and metallic. The one thing I really am keen to try is black and silver epaulettes.

I just want to say again I really appreciate all your guys comments and help, and I think about everything you guys have said, but for me to like this Army it can't move too far away from a traditional British Army uniform.

As for making Command Models stand out I'm not sure, I like where other people have different coloured cuffs, but i have decided for my army I definitely don't want to do that, I want the Command and veterans and all platoons wearing the same jacket to be the same colour scheme, maybe only differentiated by the braiding. Other squads I was quite happy to be different if they did something different ie. cavalry, artillery. I do understand the 100 Guardsman aren't an Napoleonic army point, but I still feel I want at least those functions to be changed by a differing but complimentary uniform.

I don't know, hitting a rut of indecision again and all the time my Blue and Red Praetorain is flaunting his easy on the eye colour scheme at me.......its kind of infuriating to have loads of models, be willing to paint them but be frozen by indecision on how to go about it, if I get it wrong and say 30 models down I decide, actually I don't like it I don't know what I would do. Can't believe I hadn't thought about this much before when it's such an important decision and their are 100's of guys and hours of time at stake.

Once again your help and comment is very much appreciated.


  1. I'm not going to lie, if I didn't already have my army painted up I would give serious thought to stealing the green and khaki.

    I think that the stone epaulettes work if you do the gun emblem in the stone as well maybe?

    I feel your pain about deciding a color scheme before you paint it all up.

    if I had a nickel for everytime I've repainted my army...

  2. For me the khaki trousers are great. I dont like the red cuffs but the green ones work for me with the khaki trousers. As for epaulettes either go same colour as trousers or black.
    I think the silver detail/cuff colour could be a nice touch for the top brass. Also paint that base!!! The base will bring the whole thing together.

  3. When I saw the 2nd photo (with the khaki trousers) I said 'wow that's cool'.

    If you did want the red cuffs I feel that there should be red somewhere else as well, like on the trouser stripe.

    I don't have any opinions on the epaulettes. I think these are looking really good Buffer!

  4. Cheers guys, more cuff ideas inbound and then hopefully I'm done and ready to go into production!

    Malk I think you are right the white is too white and would be better matching the epaulettes if I go with some but I think the khaki ones have swayed me.

    Ouch the red is not popular then! I kinda liked it, but I definitely want the leg stripe to stay the jacket colour as it looks really good and complimentary.