Sunday, 5 February 2012

First Praetorian Trooper for Veteran Squad Fully Painted

So here is the first of my original GW Praetorian Imperial Guard Troopers that I will be using in my veteran squads. He wasn't too hard to paint (not that I think it was that great a job!) but I think he looks ok. Thanks Col Winterborne for the epaulette advice, I went a bit more golden for the top drybrush coats. Any thoughts of anything that could possibly be changed with colours before I bang out a load more?

Also haven't done the base, have three bases drying that I'm going to test out some Desertish/African plain like base colour schemes on, as I think the one on my test guy was too white. I want a more dry grassland feel. Any suggestions? I never really thought about it but the base is incredibly important to get right as although the models will change, every base will/should be roughly the same so want to get it spot on.


  1. Looks brilliant! Nice highlighting. Epaulettes spot on and I think you have nailed the colour for the pith helmet. For the bases definitely have a play around drybrushing different colours on a tester and see what you like.

  2. Very nice indeed, I like how you have gone with the traditonal scheme of the 24th of Foot Welsh Borders Regiment. My epaulette's are white as I did not want to follow the same route as everyone else but that's just me.

    I did go with the african plain on my bases sort of, but it is quite hard as nobody seem's to sell the write kind of flock in the colour we are after. what I do is use a dark coloured flock, I then use the green static grass in small quantites and the GW shale. This seem's to work and does kind of look like the African plain. I do also use on special model's at timesome of the grass tuffs that you can buy, and does come in the dryed out grass colour that you would find in Africa. The only problem is you can't do the whole base in it as it would look like you are walking through a famer's corn field, and it does in large quanties look un-natural.

    1. Cheers Dave. The bulk of my Army won't have epaulettes so I am happy to toe the line with my veterans! I like your guys white ones though and it was something I considered as it looks really striking, I'm going to do a squad of Royal Marines vets and they will have white ones though. I have seen the stuff you are talking about (the mini cornfield!) on your commanders base, it looks great, can I ask where you got it from?