Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Cuffs the final hurdle!

Gents thank you once again for the comments and just need one set of final thoughts to settle on the colour scheme and get started painting. I realised after doing this that Winterborne was right and I should have got the base painted to get the true effect, but limited time tonight so just tried these out (the cuffs are now about twice the size on this poor guy!).

There in no particular order and some are more inclined towards possible Command model schemes but I suppose I could use any of them for the army, they were pretty quick. I'm leaning towards the green but worry while good looking loads of these models might look a bit dull? Also like the plain Khaki but have doubts for the same reason. I didn't actually try gold and green which I think I might use on Command models if I pick the green. The gold was only meant as Command cuffs but could be used and I have redone the red better to see if it now gets liked more. The only thing I haven't done that I would like to do is a silver selection (maybe green/silver or black/silver, but I have no mithril, which I assume would be the colour to use?). Just added a Red and Green as an after thought which I quite like and may use for artillery if nothing else.

Khaki Cuffs
Khaki and Gold Cuffs
Green Cuffs
Khaki and Red Cuffs
Red Cuffs
Red and Gold Cuffs
Khaki and Green Cuffs

Red and Green

I'm pretty certain I don't want to change anything else on the model (love the green trouser stripe) so its only the cuff that will be coloured this way (and on command models the braid). So what is the thoughts? or is there a colour that you think would be good that I have miseed? I dismissed blue but you never know.....


  1. cast my vote for the green or the khaki & red cuffs.

    but really this model looks great either way!
    looking forward to seeing a whole mess of green coats!

  2. First off mate I am glad to see that you have now decided on your main colour scheme, and I must say it look's great and work's really well.

    Now here is what I would do because there a three cuffs that I like:

    1) Khaki cuff for your normal troops. (I like this one because it is in keeping with the rest of the model).

    2) Khaki & Gold cuff for you officer's and command models. (I like this one because it would work well for small quantites of models rather than a large quantity).

    3) Khaki & Red cuff for your heavy weapons. (I like this because normal tradition has it that the artilliary boy's like to stand out from everyone else and this would do it.

    So there you go mate that's what I think, hope it helps.

  3. Bloody superb stuff, the main scheme is fantastic, works very nicely indeed

  4. I agree with Dave. That is exactly what I was thinking before I read his comment.