Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Desert bases or possibly a Woodland scheme?? Thoughts?

So here is the final model colour scheme I have settled on (went for green cuffs in the end, khaki ones was just too much khaki and the photo doesn't really do justice to how well I feel the darker green complements the jacket).

While I have been too busy unfortunately to get on much further, I have now got most of a couple of Squads based, helmet badged, undercoated and part painted. 

As I work towards completing them I have a question. (sorry to badger for opinion again!) 

While I love the model colour scheme now (this is the final test model and I am basing all on him but he is negative helmet badge which ties the belt buckle in nicely and I went a bit overboard on the trouser wash!)                                                                                                                                                                                  I am wondering about the base. I really like this base scheme and I think it helps to make the model pop? but I am wondering whether a forest like earthy green base and green grass might go better? See I'm also starting to wonder whether sand coloured vehicles will go with these guys or maybe green is required to match the jackets and would be better? Once again I would value opinions as having got into this position after 2 or three months of collecting, stripping, cleaning, testing! and finally painting, I am now loath to base them up wrong!
With Easter fast approaching I want to use the time I have off to push on and at least get these two squads finished as well as a few other things (Platoon Command Squad, finish the 5 part completed Ratling conversions, Plasma Gunner conversions, first lascannon battery).

Also I decided I don't really like chain swords so will be converting all sergeants/officers to carry this straight heavy sword pattern, what do we think? 

I figure as well as looking cooler (well I think so) I can decide, depending on the list, whether each one counts as a power sword or just close combat weapon, without having to resort to magnets and interchangeable bits or just having twice as many models and only using one half each time. Although it does mean remembering which ones are powerswords during a game!


  1. I like that sergeant, I'm not too keen on the chainsword look either but that looks good. With regards to power sword/close combat weapon, you could paint the sword tassels different colours.

  2. I reckon that dude looks great. I still think sand coloured vehicles will go with these guys well. Col Gravis uses grey vehicles and they look good next to his red coats. and if you keep the sand bases I think it will all tie in together well. This is going to be a sweet army!

  3. very good looking sir! either way you go with basing these guys will look fantastic all ranked up!