Thursday, 4 April 2013

Chimera Leman Russ Conversion Finished Building

So here it is in all its glory (minus the paint job obviously).

I'd planned to get it done a while back but then I went on holiday, back to work then was ill and before you know it a months gone by!

The heavy bolter is magnetised so it can be swapped out and because of this the front bottom section is fitted into place securely but removable in case I ever need to repair the back magnet (thinking ahead!).

The aerial box is also magnetised so it can be on or not, and for easier storage/breakage protection. Looking on the photos I wonder if I have over done the aerial size! But on the actual model I think they look great.

The forge world turret can swivel 360 and the main good thing about it is it can be swapped out easily for a different kind as they just drop in (I have a Vanquisher with Pask I'm doing after picking the turret up cheap off eBay). Its glued in elevation which doesn't bother me after seeing quite a few droopy Leman Russ barrels out there!

I have gone with the Chimera hatch on the front because I a) think it looks ace! b) probably wont need them on the Chimeras so win win.

I replaced the missing track sections with cut and filed plasticard and hopefully once painted it will give the impression of hatches to gain access to the tracks. I was going to put handles on but thinking about it you would probably lift from underneath so seemed fiddly and unnecessary.

I tried to keep the back interesting but not too cluttered, hopefully I have achieved that. It took a while to sand the Baneblade exhausts so they fit but I think they look well worth it.

Finally I know the side skirts were dividing opinion. I could take the point that some thought the model needed more "bulk" but they just didn't look right to me. I have spent a bit of time around and always liked tanks and it looks very unnatural to me on any tank to have the hull continuing passed the tracks. That being said once cut down they looked too flat so I added a 1.5mm section of plasticard to bring them out a bit. I really like the look but I'm aware others may disagree, but it definitely looks more tank like to me.

There we go, any criticism always welcomed as there's still time to tweak with it, but I'm rather proud and look forward to doing the next. I want two to start with but eventually 3 or 4 hulls with 5 or 6 turret swaps.

I'm taking a slightly different direction post building this....I'm going to carry on slowly doing the Praetorians but I'm actually itching to play with some painted models. Now at the rate and pressure I put myself under to paint these guys perfect, I think platoons of guard in the near future is not likely! So I'm going to work on my planned Allies, use the Guard as Allies then slowly flip back to Guard as I do more. I'll say no more about who the Allies are as I have lots of test work on at the minute but its a take on old classic that's been done before. Hopefully you staunch Guard guys wont mind commenting and continuing to give me much appreciated advice on something else.


  1. Wow - a smashing conversion. As I said on the other post I've seen a lot of people attempt these (even had a go myself) but non look this good. Very natural, doesn't look too much like a conversion. Can't wait to see the paintjob!

  2. That looks phenomenal. Seriously great work. What are you thoughts on colour scheme for painting? Lumbering behemoth? That thing looks like its got legs!

  3. Very cool man! I really like how that turned out!

  4. Cheers gents, much appreciated, I really love it! Here's the rub though, I have never painted a tank so I'm a little scared! I think its going to be all dark green with the exhausts/tracks and a few other bits metalled. I really don't want it to be too fussy, mainly as I can't do freehand artwork! so I think it will be fairly plain. I'll also have to do it all by brush as I don't own an airbrush and that's another reason I'm not hurrying too! Probably like the jackets Caliban, then a heavy drybrush of Castellan followed by either Loren or Death world Forest, possibly Straken. I've got bits of an old rhino somewhere I think I might have a test out on. I'm doing my side project as we speak though.

  5. Awesome conversion. Never thought of using a Russ turret on a Chimera. Reading your previous post, I filled the gaps on the track guards using a combination of plasticard and filler, which I then smoothed down.

  6. Oh and with regards to painting - my tanks are Caliban Green (or Orkhide Shade as it used to be) but I now use Vallejo Heavy Green. I used to paint them by hand, and having seen your infantry you should be fine. Just use a big brush and brush in one direction to avoid streaking. A little bit of weathering will always help with the look as well. Testing on the old rhino will help, I use an old chimera.