Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Resin Forest Bases

Long time no post, but without dwelling a quick look at one element of what I'm working on now.

I ordered a load of resin forest bases from www.back2base-ix.com. These are for use with characters, elites etc. and the first guys destined for them are the Ratlings that I'm just starting painting.

Do you think this looks right? I wasn't sure about the grey, its a nice contrast I think, but will it look out of place? I suppose I could try a reddy brown instead to blend a bit more?

Anyway I really don't want to end up doing shed loads of test tree trunks! But tree trunks are pretty prominent on all the larger and more interesting bases I'm putting together and they have to look right.

At the moment its Rhinox, black wash then drybrush Adeptus Battlegrey and Zandri dust.

Would appreciate others thoughts/suggested colours to use.


  1. That's a really groovy looking base! I love the grey. Maybe you could add some moss?

  2. Looks brilliant! In fact, it blends in very well with your choice of background. I couldn't suggest anything to improve it, but I'd be wary about using those as special bases - I tried to do something similar with my urban bases and they made the character models look too out of place with the rest of the army... in the end I just gave everyone the nice display bases!

  3. Looking great! Also the finished 5 a few posts ago, somehow I missed that post entirely! They look bloody brilliant. I'm really impressed. Do you have an eta in mind for when you might finish a few more squads?

  4. Cheers Gents, thanks for stopping by, been loitering on your blogs but just had no real time to do stuff myself.

    I think this is a winner and the colours will be gracing all the other tree trunks. I wondered what varnishing(matte varnish)would do as I am vanishing the models but the result was not good! Oh well at least I know now! It really darkened all the colours and highlighting and while I think that works really well on my men, it looks pump on the bases! So now it will mean carefully varnishing the ones attached to bases, and varnishing the others before I pin them!

    Does anyone no if you can paint over acrylic varnish with citadel paints effectively?

    Ackland-I was thinking of moss but I've bought loads of flocks but can't find anything quite right. Sigh...will live without.

    Scipio-I was slightly worried about that but I think there will be enough of a blending of colours, size, flocks and tufts for it not to look odd that some are and some aren't. I hope so anyway!

    Winterborne-Thanks very much, that's a massive compliment as I think your army is stunning! I haven't done anything for a while, Christmas and work has sucked a lot of time but I'm hoping to do a bit more now, I have 25 guys basically ready to go, some need packs and badges still though and undercoating. Hopefully not too long, but I'm away next week! I reckon a squad and a half in the next few weeks. Its a slow old process for me I'm afraid. I also want to get the ratlings done as I'm really proud of them. Keep looking out,appreciate you stopping by, hopefully the wife will allow me some time this weekend!

  5. Keep at it Buffer. I think all of your stuff is just amazing! Top quality modelling for sure.
    I don't know if you have tried painting over the varnish yet, but I can't imagine that it would work very well. I use 'Testors dullcote' as my final varnish and provided that the weather is good I don't think I get any change to the colour. I hope you work out something that you are happy with.