Thursday, 29 December 2011

A disappointing Christmas and the Games Workshop economic depression

No not bah humbug to Christmas, although as an adult with no kids but a good handful of nieces and nephew the time brings more stress than joy! Why I was actually looking forward to Christmas, after my new found desire to construct a Praetorian Imperial Guard Army, was to get in the attic and find my old box of models. The disappointment is due to the fact that when I did there was a distinct lack of Imperial Guard miniatures as it became apparent to me that I must have sold or got rid of them before boxing the rest up and putting them in deep storage. All that was left was my small Dark Angels Space Marines Army, a Basilisk and a squad of Ratlings (that I don't want!). Why am I that bothered you may be wondering? Well that means what I got rid of ten years ago, for almost certainly next to nothing, was 2 Squads of Praetorians and a Command Squad, 5 Tallarn Rough Riders and a squad of ten (including metal Sergeant, Special and Autocannon) of the old bereted storm troopers. A quick tot up on eBay is enough to make me cry!
On the money making me cry front, ten years away from Games Workshop has made me frankly astounded at some of the prices, Blister packs of two metal troops for example don't seem to be £4 any more. So I have been kitting myself out via eBay, 8 fine detail brushes £6, 10 Modelling files £6, 12 piece steel sculpting set £7, 12 inches of green stuff £4 and many more bargains. Stuff that quite frankly makes the jokingly named "Hobby Starter Set" look totally ridiculous. I wanted Citadel paints though, but made the mistake of buying citadel paints from GW, before I found some independents selling at 20% less.
Anyway if like me your starting out, either again, or for the first time, shop around. There is a lot of sensibly priced good stuff out there on eBay, Amazon and at independents.


  1. sold off the Praetorians, Ouch! But don't be down on your Basilisk and Ratlings they make good support units.

  2. Yea I will probably use the basilisk at some point and will paint her up but had always planned to convert ratlings from hasslefree's kindred.

    I probably wouldn't have used the Praetorians and other guard I had but could have used them to fund the current projects.

  3. those Ratlings are cool as. Totally use them!

  4. I know I think they are awesome! I thought I had really original idea but then later found someone else on blogspot who had used them! Can't decide whether to keep the brodie helmets when I get them or try converting them into shakos and paint them rifle regiment colours, like in Sharpe.