Saturday, 31 December 2011

Praetorian Test Trooper from Victoria Lamb's Miniature Shop - Part 1

Cadian Legs with pockets shaved off Right
Cadian Legs with pockets shaved off Left

So this morning my small packet of test parts arrived from Victoria Miniatures. I only got 3 torsos, a set of pith helmet heads and 3 of the rifle arms. I am pretty sure I am going to use Victoria's miniatures as the basis for 90% of my Army but I thought I had better check them out first hand before putting in a massive order and I'm also waiting for the victorian legs, which she said will be available soon. Therefore this model uses Cadian troopers legs where as you can see I have shaved off the leg pouches, but I'm not entirely happy with them as a solution.

Completed Praetorian Rear
Completed Praetorian Front

But here is the finished trooper. I had never used green stuff before and there was some quite big gaps where the arms were to fix the torso but they were quite easy to fill in. Its a victorian guard torso, rifle arms A and a pith head. I haven't added any pouches or extras as just intend to use him for test painting. Really like the miniatures and the credit card sits ready for that big order once the victorain legs are available. Think I will get enough for about 40 models for a good start to the army as have something else in mind for my Command Squad.

Controversially to all other Praetorian lovers out there the reason I like her miniatures so much? No epaulettes! I'm sorry, I fell in love with Praetorians but the standard trooper should not have epaulettes, only Officers certain characters and Command Squad models will have them in my Army!

Next stop undercoat and lets test out the colours.

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