Saturday, 14 July 2012

Colour Scheme Reminder

While my models are far away I realised that I did have this pic on my laptop that I could show everyone before I get back and start painting again. I also wanted to commit, somewhere I could never lose it, the colours I had finally settled on after a lot of trial and error! Thanks to those who gave me their thoughts on the green trousered guy but after a lot of thought I realised I wanted khaki trousers, I just hadn't got the colour khaki the way I wanted it. The guy below is the survivor of more than a dozen test models I started, using combinations of literally every bloody paint in the vague spectrum close to what I was after.

The Khaki is: Steel Legion Drab, Baneblade Brown, then Karak Stone.

Green: Caliban Green, Black Wash, Caliban again, then Castellan Green.

Brown: Simply Mournfang, Black Wash, more Mournfang.

Base: Scorched Brown (Rhinox), Drybrush Calthan Brown, then XV-88, finally Zandri Dust.

The long grass is Swamp Tuft from Army Painter, the smaller Middenland Tuft. I'll use these two as the main grass throughout the whole army, with some other effects on some models for variety (maybe some of the leaves, new barbed wire etc.). I have tree stumps for 60mm bases.

I'm finally happy, although on the actual guys I think I will add a further highlight to the Khaki of a Karak Stone/White Scar mix, and highlight the metal properly.

Of course if you have any comments I can't actually do any work on them so I am open to any ideas for improvement in the meantime, but as I say, after months of trial and error, I finally love the scheme the way I wanted to when I first suggested it.

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  1. Really nice work; in particular the khaki looks very natural and I like how the bases came out. Good to do lots of experimentation like this - I rarely bother and end up with the first few models in a force slightly different :( but I've learned my lesson now. Can't wait for the rest of the army now!