Saturday, 11 August 2012

Update: Colour Scheme Reminder

So I got back after a couple of months away this week, and to cut a long story short having been away for so long it had given me lots of time to critique the model I had settled on before I left and make minor tweaks to the scheme. (yes its another test model, but honestly I am done now, half a squad are already part painted like this and now I'm back the fun finally starts.)

3 things I wanted to address:

It kind of looked a bit dull
It was too many layers to paint on mass for my attention span
The khaki was quite dark

While I take back what I said in a previous post (I have realised I will never be totally happy!) he looks spot on to me now. The brass on the gun and lighter metal helps him stand out, where as the trousers were quick and easy to do and look better I think and the khaki highlight is obvious and makes a big difference.

So this post needed updating to help me remember and for anyone's interest.

Good news is I wrote lots of background as I could do little else and will be polishing that and drip feeding it to you soon. Lots of painting to do, but first need to clean my hobby room up so I have space to work, great to be back as much as I love my job. Here's the guy, hastily painted in a day so not a great standard, but finally feel I nailed it.

The Khaki is: Rakarth Flesh, wash of slightly watered Devlan Mud, then Karak Stone, then a highlight of Karak Stone/Skull White mix (Roughly 3 to 1 parts).

Green: Caliban Green, Black Wash, then Castellan Green.

Brown: Simply Mournfang, Black Wash, more Mournfang.

Metal: Boltgun Metal, Black Wash, Drybrush Chainmail.
Gold: Mournfang Brown, Shining Gold (Gehenna's), Burnished Ggold, Sepia Wash to dull (except badge and belt buckle).

Base: Scorched Brown (Rhinox), Drybrush Calthan Brown, then XV-88, finally Zandri Dust.

The long grass is Swamp Tuft from Army Painter, the smaller Middenland Tuft. I'll use these two as the main grass throughout the whole army, with some other effects on some models for variety (maybe some of the leaves, new barbed wire etc.). I have tree stumps for 60mm bases.


  1. Like it. I find that test models often end up having far more layers than the real thing - once you get painting natural selection takes the bits away you don't need and you're left with a nice easy streamlined scheme.

    It's a great colour scheme as well; I particularly like the en-masse use of gold. That's going to look great in ranks and ranks of the fellows. The base looks brilliant as well. Can't wait to see more, and welcome back!

  2. It seems we both disappeared around the same time and have returned from 'life'. welcome back.
    I think your passion for getting the colour scheme right before you start is commendable. I apparently don't have that passion. I through some paint on one model and then get cracking on the squads. My colours will evolve a little as I paint the first squad or two until I get the grove for what I want. Then I end up going back and redoing the first squad in the new modified colours. This chap looks really good. So possibly I might keep thinking about my colours before I get too far. I'm not sold on my green jacketed rifle regiment just yet. After seeing yours evolve I'm tempted to ask if I could steel/borrow all of your hard work and use a colour scheme very much like yours.
    As a side note, I have to agree with Col Scipio, that gold looks really nice against the brown. Your base is also superb.

  3. excellent job on the metal. How do you think that gold effect might look on the traditional red coat?

  4. Hello all, thanks for the input, more coming over the next few weeks.

    Col. Ackland feel free to steal, I do the same with others ideas around here and its why I post up what colours I use, I really don't mind.

    Malk I think it will look dead smart on the traditional red, that's partly where I got the idea from, I'd already fancied gold on weapons when looking at Space Wolves and then Victoria Lamb posted up her new heavy weapon crew bits and the painted up guy had gold on the gun. The model looked cracking and I took it as fate as I had literally just got back and had been mulling over whether to try it or not. Go check that picture out in her shop if you haven't already, and the stuff she is churning out at the minute is fantastic.

  5. Definitely your best one yet. Well done! Now paint a whole squad please!

  6. this guy looks really great nice skills there