Sunday, 15 January 2012

Paratrooper Concept Storm Trooper with Hot-Shot Las Sten Gun

So I knocked up this guy as my concept storm trooper. I want them to resemble WW2 British paratroopers and will be painting them as such with red berets matching the colour of the Praetorian jackets. I thought trying to do hot shot lasguns would be a pain, but I wanted them to have something to differentiate them. I therefore knocked up this las sten gun which I think will look ok painted.

Any thoughts?

As an aside I have the first 5 of my penal troopers nearly built and should start painting tomorrow, I have used Catachan parts with the VL penal trooper torsos and bald heads. I'm wondering what colour to paint them? The best armies I have seen have a consistent colour scheme throughout. I don't think mine will though! All the standard troops will be red but as these are in prison overalls (and effectively disgraced the Praetorian uniform!) I'm wondering what colour to do them?? I'm torn between black, grey or desert to match the vehicles and bases.


  1. That's some good greenstuffing! Especially the head convert from the balmoral cap.

  2. I am a big fan of the sten gun idea. I'd not thought of before and will definitely have a play around with a conversion or two...