Thursday, 31 May 2012

Green Jacket Colour Scheme One Final Question and WIP Praetorian Pithy Ratlings

Ok so, the first 25 men of first Platoon are ready to go and I have one final question on the colour scheme before embarking on a mass painting. I have been wandering the blogs admiring others armies and after having a good look again at Winterborne's 4th Mechanised, including his latest painting, it made me have one last thought about the scheme. There is no denying his Army looks superb, and the scheme is so beautifully simple, but looks stunning. So I wondered what if I less complicated mine slightly while keeping the colours, simultaneously making them a bit more Green Jacket like and a lot easier to paint. I'm not going to say what I think, but I would really appreciate peoples thoughts. I can't paint over the weekend as I have visitors so I'm going to think about it and start next week but any thoughts are going to help me with the decision. Also a big thanks to all the people who have given me so much help getting to this point, especially Cols Winterborne and Ackland for helping me early on with their colour theory and painting advice. But once again I'd love everybody who sees this to give their opinion to help me out, its much appreciated.

Original Decided Scheme
Full Green Jacket Scheme

So here is the test guy all in Green, with the khaki pants model I decided on before on the  right. What do people think? I haven't quite got the woodland base right on the new model, the rock went a bit purple and I think the leaves were a nice experiment, but a no.

There is a couple more pictures of the new idea below.

Any final thoughts on basing would also be appreciated as while I really like the idea of woodland, I can accept its more of a blend than making the model stand out.

Oh and finally I haven't been idle outside of the first platoon, been having a fun, if quite difficult time converting some Ratlings, picture below but not the best. Going to do a few more while I wait so hopefully have at least 8 possibly 10 soon. Just need a bit of green stuff gap filling and a helmet badge and they will be good to go! Also working on getting a squad of Penals finished ready to paint.


  1. Hmmm, a toughie. Both look good, of course, but I think I'd have to go for the new all-green scheme. The khaki trousers look good, but you could save them for use on officers and veterans. I'm probably a bit biased as the new scheme looks a bit like my Mordians and I subconsciously prefer it. Have you thought about painting khaki piping on the jackets? That might be too conspicuous for a light infantry unit though.

    Ratlings! Yes, I love Ratlings! I was going to do mine with Mordian caps as well (didn't in the end, as they ended up being attachments to the unit rather than part of the regiment).

    Incidentally, I admire your preparation and the amount of test models you've done for these chaps, really makes the choices a lot clearer.

  2. I like the new all-green scheme as well, especially if you keep the khaki stripe down the side.

  3. As you mentioned with regards to my army simplicity is the key! I think you need to work from your most common unit, in this case your standard Praetorian guardsman. With every other unit you work from that and change something as appropriate.
    Go with the green trousers and then change it up for the command section and then alter something else for the HQ. The green trousers really do look great!

  4. Scorched brown then Calthan brown bestial brown and bleached bone. Get some of the grass clumps I use they are way better than static grass. The moss is from a hobby shop an I purchased it about 15 years ago! Still hasn't run out, I believe it's for model railways. Glad to be of help! Your guys are going to look ace.
    Regarding the blob, mine was only 20strong with a commissar but it is a tar pit extraordinaire! Such a good unit and reduces the kill points you give away. I think any guard army would be mad not to have a blob.

  5. Hmm for I kind of prefer the original scheme, just seems to much green for me overall.