Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Undercoating, mould line cleaning and Wayland delivery times!

Ok so I ran out of spray undercoat the other day and ordered some more from Wayland along with some pots of undercoat. The reason for this is whatever I seem to try with how I spray the models there always seems to be bits on these models in recesses that don't get any or enough paint. If I try to get it in there then I seem to over undercoat the top and I lose detail, so I'm going to touch up the spray job with undercoat paint from now on. Anybody got any tips in this to make my life easier? I have tried putting them on a stick and spraying from all around but those recesses never get enough!

Also starting to wish massively that GW would have a change of heart and release these guys again, but plastic! Even if the cost difference wasn't a factor I seem to take forever cleaning the mould lines and flashing off each one! Am I being too much of a perfectionist, or do others find it takes ages to get them half decent as well? Plus there's bits that often need filling with greenstuff adding to the process.

Oh and as much as I love the 20 percent off at Wayland games, my order from a week ago moved from processing to awaiting stock today. I know they are cheap but I think next time I want something in a hurry I might just go direct to GW, at least I might see it the same month. The best thing I ever got was a mini drill from Wayland that when I ordered was apparently in stock but I didn't see until 3 months and three phone calls later. But hey, it saved me 2 quid!

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  1. yeah I take forever to prep mine- then later I realise that I have missed heaps of mould lines!

    I keep wishing too! I got into a conversation with Robin Cruddace (of the 5th-ed IG codex) at the 2010 UK games day. He said absolutely that Praetorians will never come back. He couldn't even put in the planet on the star chart. and then there is the Imperial Glory novel that Black Library wouldn't publish as a Praetorian novel. so yeah I have no idea why but the company will not go near them again. - at least we have Victoria and all the other head swap options. :)

    oh and on the shipping- it could be worse. GW could ban them from shipping to you like they did to us in Australia. There is no cheaper option here :(...