Friday, 11 May 2012

Thoughts on the 13th's background and a decision to make.

So I was being hesitant about the basing scheme a little while back because I wasn't sure of the desert bases which is leading me to write this (it will become obvious why when you read on). So here is a quick summary of my imagining of the 13th 's background (I will right something properly up at some point). 

I see the 13th Rifles and their green jackets as very much in line with the origins of the 60th Rifles Regiment. Raised to fight on a colony world entirely covered by thick forest, the regiment eschewed their traditional red jackets and wore green to help blend in with their surroundings (I know that is not strictly true of the history of the royal american but in this case it is!) . Originally the regiment wore full green uniform and green berets. The uniform was replaced with the modern colours and the traditional Pith when the world was pacified some years later. (I''ll write about how and who was pacified at some point, I love reading others background fluff!)

A true light infantry regiment, the 13th were created to provide troops that were better suited to warfare in the forests and lakes while producing a more able soldier who was encouraged to use his initiative while retaining the legendary discipline of Praetorian regiments. To this end the 13th have no cavalry, tanks or artillery of their own. A battery of light artillery is attached to the 13th and wears the regiments uniform, although strictly speaking is not part of the regiment. Men in the battery are drawn from other artillery units of Praetoria and may only serve a short number of years with the regiment before returning to their parent unit. Cavalry support is similar. The 60th has squadrons of light horse that provide screens and scouts for the regiment. Heavy horse however is again provided by one of Praetoria's exclusive cavalry regiments, who do not wear the regiments colours and would not fight in the terrain the 13th traditionally calls home. Armour support on the regiments colony world would be pointless as the forest is too thick for tanks to move through at the speed required to accompany the advance of the infantry. Once again when not fighting in this terrain the regiment is provided units to support it by both Praetorian heavy artillery and armoured regiments. The Regiment does however have its own scout sentinels as they are unphased by the thick woodland terrain. Aerial support its provided by the imperial Navy, with the Praetorian provided Royal Navy ships the support of choice.

Unlike other Praetorian Regiments that carry the Lion of Praetoria emblazoned on their standards and armour,  the 13th standards also carry a wolf, as homage to the great wolves of their colony world. (I was thinking of this ages ago but with the new Space Wolves I'm seriously considering a few conversions)

Any comments welcome, this is just a very rough collection of my thoughts over the last few months but I want to put my own stamp on my guys.

So all this leads to the fact that I have been giving it a lot of thought and I think I am going to base my guys up with a muddy forest base, I also want any supporting armour in green. It just seems a bit weird to put them on desert bases the more I think about it. It looks quite nice, but it just kind of feels wrong when I think about what this Regiment is to me. I'm really glad I've been modelling up guys and not painting as its given me time to think this over, but I do feel its the right decision. I know that just because they aren't a desert Regiment doesn't mean they can't or wouldn't fight there but it just seems so far from what I'm starting to imagine in my mind as their natural home that as I say it feels wrong.

Gents can I just say to those of you who follow me thanks for your input and I'm sorry I'm taking so long to churn out some painted troops. I can quite understand if your infuriated with me and just want to see something painted now! lol! But it's turning into a real labour of love for me, and I want to make sure I get it right!

As a bit of placation and to show I'm still working hard here's a picture of one of the 3 Flamer conversions I'm working on, still need to do quite a lot of green stuffing but will do this when all three are ready.


  1. That sounds good to me!

    Makes me think I should get more written on my own regiment.

    1. Thanks, it's very rough and even at the time I was writing I wax expanding upon my initial ideas. I think I will write a proper history in word and post when I'm done. Do write some stuff up, I think it really adds to an armies background to hear of their origins and exploits. I've read the stuff on gravis' a fair few times now and it's still great. He's right the good thing about the lack of background is we can all make up whatever we like!

  2. Very good stuff. I like the idea of a proper light infantry unit: many people (myself included) make lots of nice fluff for an infantry-based army, then end up pumping the army full of tanks anyway. Logical and well-written stuff, to go with some stunning conversions. Keep 'em coming.