Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Woodland base leaves? Opinions needed please

Autumnal Leaves

Can I get peoples opinion on the leaves on these bases please, would appreciate further decision making help!

The Autumnal leaves I was waiting for arrived today and they aren't quite what I was expecting. With the risk of sounding stupid, they are a bit too orange! Like Sunny D orange rather than the colours of leaves in Autumn. They look ok but I think I preferred the natural leaves, although they aren't quite what I was looking for either.

I then tried a mix and think this looks better maybe, but would appreciate others thoughts? I am swinging towards the mixed as the different colours add that bit of realism to a forest floor but not sure if the orangey leaves look a bit weird and maybe just going with the natural coloured ones might be the best option?

Finishing off the flamers is proving a little bit difficult for my amateur sculpt skills, but I'm hopeful should be able to post the three completed soon.
Natural Leaves
Mixed Leaves


  1. Hmm. Agree that the Autumnal ones look a bit too orangey, mixed look better but I think the natural ones look the best, the colours look more subtle.

  2. I personally like the mixed look. the leaves have a good contrast to each other as well as giving some contrast to the figure.

  3. I like the look of the mixed. In the pictures at least, the orange is not overwhelming. If it too overpowering in real life then go with the natural ones.