Sunday, 27 May 2012

Praetorian PCS Conversion Finished with Flamer Conversions

Finally finished the conversion of First Platoons Command Squad. So just have a Sergeant and missile pair to finish and the 25 man Platoon is ready to start on painting.

These took me a lot longer than expected as it was a bit of a learning experience for me in pinning and in sculpting. I also had to wait  for a .5mm pinning kit to do the flag of the standard. I'm quite happy with what I have achieved and the running flamer is a particular favourite. I started with the original flamer and then it turned into a bit of a quest for differing looking models, now the original flamer looks a bit weird in the group so at some point I think I will convert another back pack flamer and replace him, but not now! I put a pair of binoculars I found on the back of the original flamer model as I think it is a good approximation of spare cannisters.

A always it would be nice to get peoples opinions and comments, thanks for looking. Some Regiment background inbound soon as well as something I tried out yesterday and could do with peoples thoughts on.


  1. Those look great, from the looks of the green stuff you've gone to a lot of effort to make them look natural and seamless and I'm sure that'll pay dividends when you paint them as well. The standard is good as well, very subtle in an age of enormous tablecloth flags! Great stuff

    1. Thanks mate, green stuffing is definitely my least favourite thing to do when making conversions! I find it so frustrating! But have tried hard to make it natural and hopefully as you say should all blend nicely when painted. Yea I didn't want really big standards for these guys, it's just a platoon after all, I thought something subtler as befits their status was needed! Will have bigger standards for the Company Command Squad though.