Monday, 14 May 2012

Is there any Interest in a Praetorian bitz swap shop? Because eBay grips my shit!

Gents as a test of the water, do you guys think a swap system would be good for us who collect Praetorians, and would you be interested? The prices on eBay are ridiculous, I know I have bought loads! And the only real cost effective way is to buy big lots. In really sickens me to see loads of one trooper or weapon team lots on there from collectors who have obviously outbid individuals on big lots then broken them down to sell them back to us at massive profits. Now obviously if you need lots of troops your options are pretty limited and eBay is the best (only!) way of getting them, but if you just need 1 mortar team or a bugler say, it's a pretty expensive way of doing it. It would be nice if there was one place where we could post what we need and then others could offer swaps or a reasonable cost for that piece if they had it available.

Now I know there are similar things out there but praetorians are niche and a fairly small community it would seem. I don't really think I have enough of a following for my blog to be the place it sits so if there is interest I would hope that one of the popular posters would be happy to host on there blog and then we could all put a link to it. I'm not sure how it could be done but the ideal solution would be a blog that we could post on then all the followers see the post and what the request is for.

Anyway the details are fairly irrelevant, would there be interest? Doesn't have to be purely praetorian, a mix of the more obscure stuff might be even better?

My prompt for this was twofold, one I want some more missile troops (actually just two of the missile arms if by some freak occurrence anybody has them?) and I have enough things I could trade in return or I would pay cash. Secondly I bid 20 quid for a single las cannon team once, luckily I got outbid! Saved from my moment of madness the ridiculousness of the situation hit me. I don't want to pay those prices and I don't think others should as it's us bidding against each other pushing them to insane levels!

There would obviously have to be a certain amount of blind trust involved, but I think the majority of this community is as good as the Internet gets!


  1. Well said, I'd be up for it, I have lots of standard bearers and gun crews!

  2. I Like the idea.... I have a smaller blog than you BUT Here is MY idea.... Bartertown. Make a post of a date to post preatorian bitz up and have everyone following just sign in on BT and make offers for trade or purchase.... I have gotten MY preatorian army large this way and Im sure Linrandir wouldn't mind much because its what the site does. If your interested in this Let me know and I'll ask next time I call or see him.

  3. I'd definately like it if we all had a place to list wants and spares. I have quite a few spare kneeling heavy crew for starters, and maybe some specials too.

    I can solve your missile launcher crew problem. I have great need for lasgun grunts!

    ian at theaethervox dot com

  4. I think it is a brilliant idea. If anyone here follows my blog, they will know I have posted for a few bits here and there [Still looking for wheels ;)] Anyway, I would definitely be up for it. I have two missile arms too if you want to talk to me directly. I am looking for 2 meltagunners. Bartertown may work but I think something semi-private for the small Praetorian community would be awesome. I have more than I can ever paint so I am up for it if it will get me the stuff I really want.

    1. Hi mate, thanks for the offer but special weapons are something I am lacking in as well I'm afraid, not so desperate in need at the minute but I don't have any spare, sorry.

  5. Sounds like a cracking idea, I've not got much in the way of spares, but I'd be happy to host a semi regularly feature on my blog much like Santa Cruz Warhammers barter Bucket, I get a fair bit of traffic through already so it would get a decent audience I'd think.

    Maybe figure out what you want and have spare in the next week, email my blog at and I'll get it running at the weekend?

  6. I second that motion. I use your blog to monitor updates to other blogs so it will work fantastic for me.

  7. I hope some find it useful. As I just commented on Col Gravis' blog, I'm happy that I have enough original models. I'm more interested now in people like the Col and Victora Lamb expanding on GW's concept and giving us more goodies to play with.

  8. If anyone's got any of the old Praetorian heavy weapon gunner torsos they want rid of, please colour me interested for money/swapsies.

    You know I'm not a Praetorian modeller, but there's a little idea I'm working on, that I suspect some of you lot might like.

    It's something for the prospective Big Toof River rematch...

  9. I am late to the game here, but this is a brilliant idea and one I'd be happy to take part in. If this gets off the ground on here or Bartertown please keep me in the loop!